Contact Sensor

The Contact Sensor Extension is used to simulate Surface load sensors applied to a body. It works by summing all forces applied on a given trigger shperical region intersected with the given body surface. The contact sensor allows to sample at any given rate, and have upper and lower thresholds on the reading limits. Like real sensors, contact cells provide scalar values. For inspection, the Contact sensor extension provides utilities to read raw contact data from the simulation as well.

The contact Sensor Extension comes enabled by default in Isaac Sim. To disable/enable it, go to Window-> Extensions and check omni.isaac.contact_sensor.

Sample App

To start the sample app, once the extension is enabled, open the menu Isaac Examples->Sensing->Contact. A sample Ant usd is loaded, and the contact sensors are added through the python script.

A window containing the force readings will display, color coded by each ant’s arm.

To see changes in the readings, start the simulation, and move the ant by shift-clicking and dragging the ant around.

To close the sample, simply open a new stage and the extension will close.

How to Use

For a full description of the interface, See the API Documentation.