Contact Sensor


The Contact Sensor Extension is used to simulate surface load sensors applied to a body. It works by summing all contact forces within a given spherical region intersected with the body surface.

This extension is enabled by default. If it is ever disabled, it can be re-enabled from the Extension Manager by searching for omni.isaac.contact_sensor.


  • A contact sensor allows sampling at any given rate, and has upper and lower thresholds on the reading limits.

  • Like real sensors, contact cells provide scalar values.

  • The Contact Sensor Extension also provides utilities to read raw contact data from the simulation for closer inspection.

See the Conventions Reference documentation for a complete list of Omniverse Isaac Sim conventions.

API Documentation

See the API Documentation for complete usage information.

Tutorials & Examples

The following tutorials and examples showcase how to best use this extension:



  • Contact Sensor Example: Isaac Examples > Sensors > Contact

Contact Sensor Example

To run the Example:

  1. Go to the top menu bar and click Isaac Examples > Sensors > Contact.

  2. You should now see a window containing the sensor’s force readings color coded by each ant’s arm.

  3. Press the Open Source Code button to view the source code. The source code illustrates how to load an Ant body into the scene and then add sensors to it using the Python API.

  4. Press the PLAY button to begin simulating.

  5. Press SHIFT + LEFT_CLICK to drag the ant around and see changes in the readings.