This feature enables importing and rendering e57 pointcloud files.


User Manual


When this extension is enabled, there are two ways to import an e57 file into the scene:

  1. File->Import

  2. In the Content Window, right click and “Convert to USD”.

Import Options


When importing, there are two main options:

  1. Convert to USD.

  2. Copy into current stage.

Converting to USD does just that, it creates a new usd file (by default in the same location as the .e57 file). This new file can be referenced like any other. Copying into the current stage duplicates the data without creating a reference.

No matter how you choose to import the data, you can also choose to merge multiple scans contained inside a single e57 file.


To render the pointclouds immediately upon import, check the option to create a renderer. Renderers are always created in the current stage, not in any generated usd files.

To render a pointcloud that is already in the current stage, select the scan or scans (be sure not to select the parent Xforms). Then go to Create-> Flow-> Preset-> Add Global Point Cloud.


For more information on the flow renderer, see the Flow docs