Livestream Websocket


Users can now leverage a New Livestream Extension that enable you to connect any Kit Based applications to a web browser.


Enable the Extension

  1. Navigate to Window > Extensions

  2. In the search bar, type livestream

  3. Locate Install and Enable omni.kit.livestream.websocket

..note:: It is not recommended to auto-load the Livestream Websocket extension as the process will drain resources unnecessarily when not in use.

User Manual

Using the websocket extension is a very straight forward process.

  1. Enable the omni.kit.livestream.websocket extensions on Create or Kit based app.

  2. Navigate to the following address with your favorite web browser http://<create/kit ip address>:8011/streaming/client

  3. Press the Connect Button to see your Create or Kit app streamed to the browser


If you have multiple Kit or Create apps running or the streamed app can’t use port 8011 for some other reason there will be a new port generated and posted in the log. In cases where this occurs, use the port number referenced in the log as follows. http://<create/kit ip address>:<kit_port_in_log>/streaming/client

Known Issues

Currently the websocket extensions does not work when connecting with iOS devices.