Camera Animation Tool


The Camera Animation Tool is an Omniverse Kit Extension for Omniverse Kit Based Apps like Machinima, Create and others. The toolkit provides a user friendly way of animating your camera movements.

User Manual


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Create Camera from Current View

Add Camera Animation Track to the Camera being viewed through in the viewport.
If viewport is not looking through a camera (ie: perspective) a camera will be created


Selection Dropdown

Use Selection: Camera Animation Tool reflects selection.
Lock to Selection: Locks Camera Animation Tool to the current selection.
Lock to Viewport: Switches Camera Animation Tool based on camera viewing the Viewport.


Camera Track

Displays animation keys over time.



Displays the current frame of the animation.


Add Key

Adds a Animation Key to the Current Track


Delete Key

Deletes the selected key at the


Copy Key

Copies the current Animation Key


Paste Key

Pastes the copied animation key.



Red bars denote camera keys, they can be adjusted by click-dragging.


Start Frame

Sets/Indicates the first frame of the animation


Start Frame Filter

Drag to adjust “zoom” level by filtering the display of the start frame to the specified frame.


End Frame Filter

Drag to adjust “zoom” level by filtering the display of the end frame to the specified frame.


End Frame

Sets/Indicates the last frame of the animation sequence

Add Animation to a Camera

  1. Create a Camera

    • In the Create Menu, Select Camera to create a new camera.

  2. In the Camera Animation Tool panel, select Add/Update Key

  3. Move Playhead on Timeline

  4. Adjust Camera Position

  5. Select Add/Update Key Again.

  6. Scrub Timeline or press play to see camera tweening.


Sometimes it is helpful to create a new camera from your current viewport. In these cases, you can select the “Create Camera from Current View Button”. This will automatically create a camera from your current view as well as add an initial key.

Editing Keys

  1. Move Playhead directly over a key.

    • HINT: Double clicking a tween will snap playhead to start key.

  2. Translate (move/rotate) camera to a new position.

  3. Select Create/Edit Key button to Update the Key.

  4. Scrub Timeline / Play to review updated animation.

Deleting Keys

To Delete a key, Users must select a key. To do so, simply left click on an existing key or its tween. It should highlight a brighter blue.

  1. Select A Key

    • In Camera Animation Tool, Select an Existing Key.

  2. Select Delete Key


The key and the tween will be be removed from the timeline.

Camera Animation Data

Whenever a Camera is animated with the Camera Animation Tool, Animation Data is stored under the camera prim.