Create 2022.2.1

Release Notes

Release Date: Sept 2022

Extension Changes

  • Add extension omni.kit.thumbnails.usd 0.5.2

  • Add extension omni.kit.converter.ogc 1.0.8

  • Remove extension omni.anim.curve


  • Update from 0.9.14 -> 0.9.16

  • Debug damage (mouse-click damage) controls have been reverted to its previous mouse/keyboard combination: Shift+B+LMB

  • Fix flaky selection behavior with previous version’s debug damage.

  • Fixed: Disabling and re-enabling omni.blast while a destructible scene is loaded can cause a crash.

  • Debug damage mouse/keyboard shortcut has changed from Shift+B+LMB to Shift+Tab+LMB


  • Update from 1.28.1 -> 1.33.0

  • Nodes once again update their colors and tooltips when their error status changes

  • Fix version in the omni.kit.commands dependency

  • Fix issue where bundle connections show up as fan-in even when they are not

  • Add ability to open graphs when right-clicking on a node in the stage

  • Use event stream on graph registry instead of the extension manager to refresh node catalog


  • Update from 1.2.33 -> 1.2.34

  • Fix export crash caused by invalid normal data from usd.

  • Merge skeletons for glTF to have single skeleton.


  • File permissions check added for plugin, and OGC API settings added.

  • UI/UX updates for user-defined URLs for downloaded image directory, imagery server, and elevation data server


  • Update from 1.0.6 -> 1.0.10

  • Take thumbnails from deepsearch by default.

  • Remove max_search to speedup results.

  • Update button icons

  • Hide filters until search activation

  • Infinite scrolling with ongoing search

  • Fix errors when adding server

  • Fix redundant camera icon from appearing in search field


  • Update from 2.0.0 -> 2.0.2

  • Fix for NVDF HTTP request for upload too large (do in batches)

  • Update from 0.9.1 -> 0.8.1

  • Warning on export is now thoroughly checking for all files that could be overwritten

  • Rename Parameters Title to “Substance 3D Material Parameters”

  • Change extension title

  • OM-41716: Add throttle for large images

  • OM-43408: Graduate experimental smooth interactive update

  • OM-42114: Fix random reference replace failure

  • Add log info and viewport notification on material creation failure

  • Sbsar References are now added on unique prims

  • Remove sbsar parameters display from baked materials

  • Fix baking command using wrong resolution

  • Fix handling of vec2i attributes

  • New hamburger button for settings

  • New Interactive Updates settings

  • New Interactive Updates Resolution settings

  • Now properly baking current texture resolution

  • New Undoable Bake command in the Action toolbar

  • Fix editing of checkbox attributes

  • Fix default values which need to be added in custom metadata

  • Toggle buttons are now represented as bool/checkboxes

  • Rename sbsar:* attributes to inputs:sbsar:* to enable fast material update in omnihydra

  • Re-order property groups so that Variants and Actions stay at the top

  • Support for greyscale color slider

  • Smoother editing using the /rtx/materialDb/syncLoads settings

  • Adds SbsarPropertiesWidget

  • Adds ApplySbsarOverrides command


  • Update from 0.9.0 -> 0.8.1

  • Fix potential hang during interactive updates

  • Add new dry_run flag to BakeSbsarFile API to query files that will be exported.

  • Change extension title

  • OM-42273: Fix default roughness for metallic maps

  • Remove property hash from baked texture filenames

  • Fix missing metallic texture influence connection

  • Fix handling of vec2i attributes

  • Move to use OmniPBR and OmniGlass instead of builtin substance_pbr MDL

  • Fix baking of MDL references

  • New BakeSbsarFile and IsBaked methods on UsdSbsarSbsarMaterialAPI

  • Remove illegal Scopes within Material hierarchy: fixes MDL Graph Editor

  • Fix editing of checkbox attributes

  • Fix default values which were not updated on reset in the UI

  • Rename sbsar:* attributes to inputs:sbsar:* to enable fast material update in omnihydra

  • Add Drag-and-Drop of .sbsar files on geometry in the viewport

  • Remove transmission from non-refractive MDL shader

  • Support for greyscale color slider

  • Package Cache was not always reused on windows

  • New sbsar: and sbsar_default: USD attribute are created on the material for UI purposes

  • Fix some old metadata including author and toggable state

  • Add icon and better overview

  • Convert to Kit Extension

  • Fix issue to make it work with RTX