Create 2022.2 - Release Highlights

Create 2022.2 Overview

For the second major version of 2022, The Omniverse Create Team is pleased to announce a targeted release towards improving collaboration with our new Omniverse Live Workflow 2.0, improvements to visual scripting, new content layout tools, and a new python based viewport. These new features are aimed at improving collaborative design workflows, making it faster and easier for you to bring your ideas to life.

Omniverse Live 2.0

Starting with a dramatically improved user experience, we have crafted an effective one button create/join system which works similarly throughout Create and its various connectors. Also improved is the entire process of managing the non-destructive workflow. Whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with others, there’s no longer a need to manage complicated USD layers in order to gain the benefits of a non-destructive workflow. Simply open a file, host a session and anyone with access to the file can join. At that point, everything becomes auto-magic. You just get to work live, non-destructively, with connected apps and colleagues. Even merging in final approved changes are now just a click away. It really is a much smoother process and we hope this leads to more users adopting Live Mode. Whether you’re working with friends or with connected Apps, Live Mode offers a powerful set of collaborative, non-destructive, features opening doors to workflows never imagined. We simply can’t wait to see how you put this technology to use.

Hosting and Joining Sessions

We have made hosting and joining sessions much more intuitive. Simply open a USD file on a Nucleus Server or your Localhost, click the LIVE button and you can either host or join a hosted session. It’s that easy.

Hosting and joining improvements

Performance Improvements

Performance with OmniLive has also improved, resulting in a smoother collaborative experience.

OmniLive performance improvements

Greater Awareness

Live Session hosts and collaborators will enjoy greater awareness via notifications and participant display. Easily view who is joining, leaving, and what tools are being used to collaborate - all in a single glance.

Session notification improvements

Extendable Viewport

A new viewport is now included in Create 2022.2 allowing python extendability. Developers can leverage this capability to generate customized workflows and features directly in the viewport. Customized viewfinders, specialized manipulators, and more are now available to be created.

Two examples you can now experience are the 2 newly introduced extensions using this Extendable Viewport architecture:

Improved Camera Visor

The new Camera Visor puts the most important camera tools directly in your viewport. Adjust exposure, lens length, iso, focal properties and more without the need to go searching for cameras and setting properties in an extensive list. Instead the visor is always active, visible and applying itself to your current camera or view. Like your favorite camera, all your controls are right where you want ‘em. And with its customizable interface, if they aren’t just right by default, they can be custom tailored in just a few clicks. Ergonomic control over the world class Omniverse Viewport. What’s not to love?

Improved camera visor

Improved Manipulators

New manipulators give artists and developers more control. We’ve added a variety of new methods to manipulate your selections, resulting in a smoother workflow in the viewport.

Improved manipulators

Visual Scripting

Visual Scripters will be happy to hear we have made significant improvements to OmniGraph nodes and execution flow while adding new nodes to help fill out your toolbox. Mouse derived events, in viewport GUI options, and new interactions for how to start your graphs based on level load events are just a few examples.

New Nodes

GUI Interconnect

Marbles - direct mouse interaction in the viewport Clock - direct mouse interaction in the viewport

In the marbles and clock examples, we can see direct mouse interaction in the viewport completely controlled from actiongraph.

Sample Browser

These omnigraph samples can be opened and investigated within the Samples Browser.

Samples Browser

Persistent Menus

New “tear-off” menu functionality allows for UI panels to float in the interface rather than being docked. This means users can customize their UI to have instant access to commonly used menu items.

Tear-off menus

Array Tool Feature Added

Open up new design possibilities and dramatically speed up repetitive tasks with the new Array tool. Duplicate, offset and rotate your way to a professional looking Stage - all in real time!

Array tool

Pivot Tool Added

This pivot manipulator helps transform your pivot point within Create. Whether adjusting a misplaced pivot from an incoming connected app or to help with layout, the pivot tool adds some much needed control over your assets.

Pivot tool

Randomizer Tool

This neat new tool makes quick work of randomizing rotation, scale and position across a number of assets.

Randomizer tool


There are many additional changes, tweaks, updates and additions in this 2022.2 release. Please see the detailed release notes below for an exhaustive review. We look forward to your feedback and thanks for using NVIDIA’s Omniverse Platform and Create App.