Create 2022.1.3

2022.1.3 Release Notes

Extension Changes

  • added extension omni.anim.camera_tool 103.1.2

  • added extension omni.kit.graph.usd.commands 1.0.0

  • removed extension omni.warp

RTX 103.1.2

Release Notes


  • from 103.1.19 -> 103.1.23

  • SDK Update: fix graph crash on certain nested state machines.

  • SDK Upgrades - Motion matching, state machine, and retargeting fixes.

  • Performance improvements for entering play mode - reduce visibility checks.

  • Dependency change - physx is optional, tracked by extension (also for performance).


  • from 103.1.27 -> 103.1.31

  • Fix graph editing on new references.

  • Fixed breadcrumb bar layout flicker on navigation

  • Fixed Min/Max Zoom and ALT+RMB Zoom


  • from 103.1.3 -> 103.1.5

  • Remove unnecessary code


  • from 103.1.11 -> 103.1.14

  • Added RetargetAnimationCommand

  • Tweaks Reallusion auto mapping table


  • from 103.1.9 -> 103.1.12

  • Fixed extension title casing


  • from 103.6.7 -> 103.6.12

  • ReadTime no longer created by default when creating graph

  • Accept any texCoord primvars as uv when reading mesh

  • Fix uvs where previously skipped when custom data is not as expected

  • Add primvars:UVMap support when reading mesh for stamp


  • from 103.2.17 -> 103.2.20

  • Fixed warning spam caused by skeleton joint manipulation.


  • from 103.0.2 -> 103.0.3

  • Change the node category to animation


  • from 103.5.17 -> 103.5.18

  • Support redo/undo keyframe slider changing


  • from 103.2.1 -> 103.3.1

  • Loosened threshold for resampling test and added output for failure cases.

  • Raycast node takes direction input into account when casting from a prim.


  • from 1.18.0 -> 1.22.1

  • Value changes to ui:graphnode:pos & ui:graphnode:expansionState now checked when the graph is dirtied.

  • The ‘ui’ node category is displayed as ‘Ui (BETA)’.

  • Improved node description formatting by using newlines to indicate paragraph breaks

  • When creating default node name from type name, strip out “(BETA)”.

  • Replace all uses of OmniGraphWidget’s ‘_graph_model’ member with base class’s ‘model’.

  • References to ‘_graph_model’ by derived classes will be redirected to ‘model’ and a deprecation warning displayed.

  • Clear the model when the stage is closed rather than when it is opened.

  • Added support for truncated words in node catalog search window

  • Fixed errors being displayed when creating and modifying variables

  • Variable colors in side-panel now match variable node colors

  • Disable dragging for categories

  • Add icon borders for create node drop menu


  • from 103.1.12 -> 103.1.14

  • Only allow multi-connection if the source or the destination is a legacy OG prim node.


  • from 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6

  • Add interface for other extension to show/hide the activity window


  • from 1.2.24 -> 1.2.30

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.1253.

  • OM-51000: support to pass file argument for specifying meter as world unit.

  • Improve file format plugin to import asset with original units instead of baking scalings.

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.1250 to fix issue of converting assets to local path under linux.

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.1245

  • OM-50555: Fix fbx animation rotation

  • OM-50991: optimize uv export to fix texture load not properly

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.1237 to fix pdb name issue for assimp library.

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.1236.

  • OM-36894: Support fbx uv indices’s import and export.

  • OM-34328: Support export lights for gltf.


  • from 1.2.6 -> 1.2.8

  • Apply to multiple selected prims from context menu

  • DnD vMaterials to viewport

  • Show selection dialog when drop to multiple descendents


  • from 1.1.3 -> 1.1.9

  • Added motion blur support for Iray capture

  • Added settle latency progress report into the progress window for if users set settle latency

  • Fixed the flashing blended image during capture issue for single frame capture

  • Added set of synchronous render flag for Iray capture

  • Let Iray capture have a default respect settle latency value to produce right capture results in case Iray iterations number is too small

  • Refined the settle latency setting for potential performance issue and iray capture problem

  • Default to a minimum 5-frame delay when capturing a sequence.

  • Added /app/captureSequence/waitFrames setting to explicitly wait N number of frames for sequence capture.

  • Add frame count info into the default progress window for sequence capture


  • from 1.0.26 -> 1.0.27

  • Verify default ground material. If not exists, clear and disable auto ground.


  • from 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0

  • Export BackdropDelegate

  • Description field and update callback for backdrop delegate


  • from 1.3.1 -> 1.3.3

  • Fixed poor node description formatting due to text box sizing

  • Changed breadcrumbs build in ctor instead calling set_build_fn to void ui.Frame popping issue.


  • from 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2

  • Drag and drop displays Read and Write handles during drag


  • from 1.5.0 -> 1.5.2

  • Fixed setting float into double matrix.

  • Fixed scale with pivot.

  • Always get latest transform from manipulated prim during manipulation. They can be changed by other runtime simultaneously (e.g. transform is constrained by omnigraph nodes).

  • When locally translate or scale prim, the manipulator’s rotation will never change until mouse is released, even if prim’s rotation is changed during manipulation (e.g. lookAt constraint).


  • from 0.0.10 -> 0.0.11

  • Option to center pointcloud on import


  • from 0.0.5 -> 0.0.6

  • Fix error checking when time is close enough to be whole frame for printing.

  • from 0.7.7 -> 0.8.0

  • Warning on export is now thoroughly checking for all files that could be overwritten

  • Renamed Parameters Title to “Substance 3D Material Parameters”


  • from 1.1.0 -> 1.2.2

  • Temp fix for crash when setting the enabled state on menus (they get removed/re-added and crash later on in omni.ui)

  • Added API for External Extensions


  • from 103.1.3 -> 103.1.4

  • OM-48690 - Add function to test whether or not sequence schema is loaded and concrete.


  • from 1.0.11 -> 1.0.12

  • Update viewport capture

  • Remove omni.kit.settings

  • Material thumbnail generation settings

  • A preference page for the settings

  • Update viewport interface

  • Error when destroy

  • Retry (max 3 times) if timeout to generate thumbnail

  • Only check asset loaded event when bind commands found

  • Check output file when generation done

  • Do not load local template for every thumbnail

  • Change thumbnail template

  • Turn off “Fill Resolution” when generating thumbnail

  • Support vMaterials

  • Generate for multi materials in a usd file

  • Generate for single usd material

  • Use local mdl template file


  • from 1.1.6 -> 1.1.7

  • OM-34328: Support export lights for gltf.


  • from 1.7.2 -> 1.7.7

  • Enables cancelling Simple Share during the collect stage.

  • Disables sharing for read-only files

  • Forces user to save new scenes before sharing

  • Hide the e-mail pane if empty

  • Saves temp stage before uploading file

  • Fixed re-sharing UX

  • Better error handling


  • from 1.0.9 -> 1.0.11

  • Fix bug where the search button remains open.

  • Fix bug with image search not being cancelled.

  • Fix bug with image and text bubbles combining into one.

  • Fix bug where pressing escape clears the searchfield.

  • Fix bug where clearing the last bubble does not clear the search result.

  • Add search button.

  • Parse search field input and populate search menu.

  • Show max 5 tokens at once.

  • Single click to edit query text.

  • Adjust calendar popup location.

  • Allow external image drag and drop onto popup window.


  • from 1.1.4 -> 1.1.5

  • Default sky location


  • from 1.4.10 -> 1.5.0

  • Moved CreateUsdUIBackdropCommand, UsdUINodeGraphNodeSetCommand and UsdUIRemovePositionCommand to omni.kit.graph.usd.commands

  • Error when removing grouped port


  • from 1.2.7 -> 1.2.12

  • Added extension level default value setting for IRay iterations

  • Added motion blur support for Iray capture

  • Promote “Settle latency” to all modes

  • -1 disables (no wait), 0 is a default chosen by capture backend, and > 0 explicitly sets the frames to wait

  • More fixes to release ui.Image objects to avoid error messages at quitting kit

  • Explicitly release ui.Image objects to avoid error messages at quitting kit


  • from 103.2.6 -> 103.2.7

  • Fixed position when changed active camera

  • Hide section prim in stage window


  • from 103.1.4 -> 103.1.7

  • Cleanup python code


  • from 103.1.2 -> 103.1.8

  • Cleanup of classes inside core

  • Testing framework for systems

  • Fix async lock step mode and ensure that sleep is reintroduced after exiting XR mode.

  • Fix crash inside settings update


  • from 103.1.5 -> 103.1.6

  • Fixed lock selection

  • Fixed shift toogle


  • from 103.1.12 -> 103.1.13

  • Fixed lock selection

  • Fixed shift toogle


  • from 103.6.5 -> 103.6.6


  • from 103.3.12 -> 103.3.14

  • Fixed lock selection

  • Fixed shift toogle


  • from 103.2.6 -> 103.2.7

  • Fixed lock selection

  • Fixed shift toogle


  • from 103.4.5 -> 103.4.6

  • Fixed lock selection

  • Fixed shift toogle


  • from 103.2.16 -> 103.2.20

  • Updated omni.particle.system.ui version

  • Updated omni.graph.window.particle.system version

  • Updated omni.particle.system.ui version

  • Updated omni.particle.system.core version

  • Updated omni.graph.window.particle.system

  • Updated omni.particle.system.ui


  • from 103.2.10 -> 103.3.0

  • Option to account for transform of output prim when writing particles to a mesh/pointInstancer


  • from 103.1.6 -> 103.2.0

  • Inherit Parent Transform option to Geometry Replicator and Point Instancer nodes.

  • Fixed flickering in Property Window caused by lingering update subscription in Solver node.

  • from 1.3.1 -> 1.3.4

  • Allow passing through a client to the _get_client_for_org to allow creating a new client with different settings

  • Store base_url on class to allow reusing

  • Create new client that raises for get_share_limits to catch NGC or Moebius errors without relying on status being in the response dictionary

  • Catches aiohttp.ClientConnectorError, which occurs when Launcher is not running

  • Catches exceptions from configuring client

  • Adds get_share_limits endpoint

  • from 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1

  • Catches aiohttp.ClientConnectorError as well as all generic Exceptions during a call.


  • from 0.7.4 -> 0.8.0

  • Added new dry_run flag to BakeSbsarFile API to query files that will be exported.


  • from 2.0.10 -> 2.0.11

  • Fixed bug OM-49047 undo doesn’t work right in curve editor when animation curves are used in sequencer.


  • OM-52366: Large stages will not shut down or let you open new stages with latest betas/RCs


  • OM-50205: Texture slice widget

  • OM-50214: remove bezier library from deps

  • OM-49676: fix for fast shutdown crash

  • Make windowGlassOptimization setting persistent

  • OM-52377: Fix for bundle connection logic

  • OM-51409: Remove OnWidgetDoubleClicked

  • OM-49323 Rect Lights shadows bring down performance massively in a scene

  • OM-51163: fix sdg dummy connections for postrender scheduling


  • OM-52366: Don’t close stage for fast quit

  • OM-50444 Open_stage script checks that url exists before trying to open


  • OM-52057, OM-52058: [omni.ext] untrusted extensions support in ext manager UI

  • OM-46001: Support truncated words in extension search window


  • OM-45585: multi-file drag/drop updates for layer window

  • OM-39463: revisit the alpha zero pass in the pipeline

  • [rtx.hydra] Add setting to disable instance selection and picking support

  • OM-49835: Fix shutdown crash in client library


  • OM-20773: [omni.kit.viewport.utility] Add extension for writing to new Viewport API with VP-1 or VP-2.


  • Optimize selection performance in stage window

  • OM-49491 Undo reparenting of an Action graph prim causes streaming errors

  • OM-50052: Add Negate node to multiply by -1

  • OM-50092: Convert OgnArraySetIndex to C++

  • OM-49466: Convert Divide, Magnitude, Round to C++

  • OM-49466: Convert OgnSubtract to C++

  • OM-49710: [omni.kit.window.viewport] Properly reset to non-custom RenderProduct from an explicity path.


  • OM-45514: Fix performance regression for layer window

  • OM-52094: Workaround for collect tool to collect usd with extension that matches its content format


  • Fix refresh issue of layer view

  • OM-48532: Increased spacing in “Selection Outline” in viewport menu


  • OM-51563: Remove non-functional events from OnStageEvent

  • OM-51633: Remove the legacy graph editor

  • OM-45359: reject connections between execution and non-execution attributes


  • OM-51257: Fix OnWidgetValueChanged node type resolution

  • OM-50455: Convert sequence node to use dynamic outputs

  • OM-51236, OM-51237 Fixes to UI Graph Nodes

  • OM-33639, OM-51004, OM-46894, OM-50787: “Updated Iray package to 349500.9894”

  • OM-44554: Improvements and a little bug fix for script node

  • OM-45716: optimize recent list updates to prevent multiple calls

  • OM-51239: Add ‘(BETA)’ to ui names of new UI nodes.

  • OM-43721, OM-43721: Support to export multiple prims

  • OM-50357: Fix node description formatting


  • [103.1] [omni.kit.window.viewport] Ignore nan’s when setting camera gizmo scale (e.g., from negative clip ranges)

  • [omni.ext] publishing: support existing archive links and archive subdirs


  • OM-49274: Makes dynamic bundle works in python

  • OM-50564: Telemetry: explicitly sent the “normal exit” event when using the ‘fast’ exit path.

  • OM-45975: performance improvements to tangents generation, take 2


  • OM-45585: multi-file drag/drop updates for property window


  • new setting for coverage filter modules

  • [omni.ui][release] Hide all the windows the first several frames [v2]

  • OM-43267: Fix string input for SelectIf node

  • OM-45607, OM-47915, OM-46598, OM-35893, OM-50024, OM-21621, OM-50490

  • OM-50013: Update idl to 0.12, switch find to find2, mutex lock transport in search


  • [omni.ui][release] Hide all the windows the first several frames

  • OM-36366: Audio: updated Carbonite to get some audio muting fixes.

  • OM-50609: Fix crash caused to open stage with format symbols in its path

  • OM-45096 Prevents crashing due to copy/paste from one server to another

  • OM-50128 Force cuda device on each memory operation [103.1]

  • OM-50607: [rtx.resourcemanager] Release shared context before synchronousUploadCommandAllocator.

  • OM-44644: add copyToDisplayDevice node

  • OM-46314: Improve Noise node documentation.

  • OM-50842 Move copy_service out of kit-core


  • OM-50548: [omni.ui][release] restoring viewport when doing layout


  • OM-49324 Remove the “Remove” context menu from the transform attribute

  • OM-44463 Fixes navigating to url that contains Url-encoded characters


  • OM-17715 - Evaluate the Domelight MDL (optionally) per…

  • OM-48407: graph_not_focus


  • OM-48335: Fix updating existing attr tokens in USD.

  • OM-49959: Fix default LOD of sphere mesh generation


  • OM-42551 Drive-3315 OM-43236 OM-43289 : Omnigraph based SyntheticData API


  • OM-49204 fix deformer setpoints does not works on non-skinning mesh under skelroot


  • OM-49461: Fix bug in redirection logic for resolved attributes


  • OM-48115: waiver for multinode

  • extension overview tab: prevent exception if ext_info is None