Create 2021.3.3

2021.3.3 Hotfix Release Notes

Extension Changes

  • removed omni.kit.tool.brush.attribute

  • removed omni.kit.window.material


  • 102.1.3 -> 102.1.4

  • Fixed - Add Key error bug OM-35872


  • 102.2.0 -> 102.2.1

  • Fixed some possible crashes and USD warnings. OM-35592.


  • 0.9.4 -> 0.9.5

  • Combine feature now works with existing destructible instances as input

  • Support to remove root chunks with no children from combined hierarchies

  • Add button to UI to select the source prim given any selected part of a destructible hierarchy

  • Add “Reset to Default” button for max contact impulse.

  • Changes- Interior Material drop down list is now alphabetized to make it easier to find materials. (“None” is still always first in the list)

  • Selecting “Reset Blast Data” with an instance selected will now delete the instance. Nothing will change with the base or source prims.

  • Fixed bug with Blast panel not showing up when extension is enabled, then being full screen when toggled under Window menu

  • Selecting a chunk under an instance and pressing “Reset Blast Data” will properly reset the sub-hierarchy in the base data.


  • 1.1.29 -> 1.1.32

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.989 to reduce artifacts size for linux.

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.988 to fix linux build caused by DRACO symbol conflict between assimp and USD.

  • Update OmniverseAssetConverter library to 7.0.984 to support import material as UsdPreviewSurface

  • Enable support to import draco compressed meshes of glTF.


  • 1.0.5 -> 1.1.0

  • Allow user define asset categories to set instanceable flag after dragging to viewport (require kit 103)

  • Added- Predownload in options menu

  • Change dependencies for tests

  • Load folders after app startup

  • Add support for show_category_subfolders ( True )- support for hide_file_without_thumbnails (True )

  • Add Window loaded on startup


  • 0.2.1 -> 0.2.2

  • fix content window leaks.


  • 2.0.7 -> 2.0.8

  • Fix for generation mp4 initial segment on each connection.

  • Fix random crashes during server shutdown

  • Video recording is disabled in default configuration.


  • 0.0.7 -> 0.0.8

  • Added unit tests and updated dependencies


  • 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5

  • fix the issue for prim only has payload but not reference: when the payload is disabled, there is no way to bring it back


  • 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7

  • Fixed Error when destroy


  • 2.3.10 -> 2.3.11

  • Enable UsdPreviewSurface support for importer.


  • 102.3.4 -> 102.3.5

  • Content moved to S3 server.


  • 102.3.6 -> 102.3.9

  • Updated scatter brush. Content moved to S3 server.

  • Picking the right scripting brush.

  • Excluded attribute brush.


  • 102.1.2 -> 102.1.11


  • 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3

  • Added Icons for OmniHairBase, OmniSurfaceBase, OmniSurfaceBlend, OmniSurfaceLiteBase


  • 1.0.8 -> 1.0.10

  • Fix null prim path issue

  • Fix linux test failed caused by “notification.svg”


  • 0.1.5 -> 0.1.6

  • Use intensity as color when no color information is available.- Fixes OM-35881


  • pipapi fix missing import typing

  • omni.kit.pipapi fix: do not install modules that already present even if version is specified


  • OM-33639: Visual differences between MDL’s thin_film modifier and other renderers

  • Fix material graph breaking over multiple changes

  • OM-37001: Fix for crashes and improper material rendering

  • Flow bug fixes

  • Iray workaround for delayed update of anim time seen for beta 5

  • OM-36527: Fixing UsdPreviewSurface emissiveColor

  • OM-35655: Fix command list priorities in RT MGPU

  • OM-32420: Avoid crash when update buffer exceed 2GB

  • OM-34974: Enable exposure clamping by default

  • OM-36401: Fix issues with DLSS

  • OM-36728: hang fixes

  • OM-36720 and OM-36434: crash fixes

  • Fix crash when getting points, triangles, or normals when there are none in an OnDemandMesh.

  • OM-36759: Stream server init fixes

  • OM-36562: Add more error and pointer checking to Iray post-processing setup and invocation.

  • OM-36235 fix imguizmo double scaling when manipByComp to 102

  • OM-36521: Fixed crash in createFeedbackBufferSet

  • Handle the system limit of opened files for multi-GPU scenarios

  • OM-34505: update step scripts for linux to ensure xr shaders are compiled


  • OM-32300: omni.ui - add Window creation and focus changed callbacks

  • OM-36833: Fix possibilities of crashing app via ByteImageProvider and add some tests.


  • OM-37098: Move live mode events to main thread to avoid multi-thread access issue

  • OM-36212: Allow to receive live updates from read only layer


  • OM-33357: Handle invalid session-layer characters on save and re-open due to format change.

  • OM-36652: Fix issue to remap relationships after duplicating prims inside a reference

  • OM-32547: Audio: fixed a bad python binding return value.

  • OM-36198: Batching material inputs population


  • OM-36923: Escape ‘%’ characters before passing on to printf-like formatting.


  • omni.kit.window.console: make log filters configurable and disable info by default


  • fix multiple extension change events fired per frame which leads to slowdown


  • OM-36488: Make stage/layer saving subclassable in collector tool

  • OM-36471: Fix re-pathing issues of UDIM textures


  • put telemetry session id in log


  • OM-35519 Drag-n-drop multiple objects from content listview into viewport

  • Fix the render settings cog can’t open corresponding render setting window issue


  • OM-36902: [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Defensive query for displayColor


  • Remove OpenCV dependency

  • add more crashreporter data: user exts, telemetry session id, sdf.Path in last commands, seconds since startup

  • hang detector: API it to be disabled using setting


  • OM-34647: Fix wrong timing of timeline update and revert workaround for that.


  • Fixed crash in Py_Bundle::getAttributeNamesAndTypes() if numAttrs is zero

  • OM-36180: Add a unique namespace to expression node to follow the recommended naming conventions


  • Adding more checks to prevent RenderCapture from crashing

  • OM-36450: fix the enabled column for targets window


  • exts window: fix crash in registry add/remove test


  • fix crash when passing empty extension name into subscribeToExtensionEnable


  • OM-36198: Fix perf issue caused by array query in viewport_widgets_manager

  • OM-35571: Animation Retargeting - Hydra retargeting path and