Connecting to Nucleus Servers

Signing Into Omniverse Nucleus Servers

added in 2020.1

In the top of the left panel of the NVIDIA Omniverse™ Create Content Browser users can connect to one or many Omniverse Nucleus Servers by clicking “Add New Connection” under the Omniverse Heading.


Once clicked, a panel will emerge allowing you to enter and add a host Omniverse Server Address.


Once added, you can now select the server to explore. When you do you, a web sign on panel will appear. Enter your credentials to log in.

../_images/kit_sign-on_3.png ../_images/kit_sign-on_4.png

You can now explore your newly connected server.


Shortcut Paths

When adding a server you can also set a path to a specific directory within a server. This can be useful in creating a sort of shortcut.


Now you can directly access a nested directory with a single click.


Sign In Panel

deprecated in 2020.1

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Create integrally works with an Omniverse server. Use this panel to manage your connection to the Omniverse.


Menu Items



Server Login Username Input


Server Login Password Input

Server Information

Server Address


Enable/Disable local cache storage for increased performance

Live Sync

Enable/Disable live sync on starting