The Stage window allows you to see all the assets in your current USD Scene. Listed in a hierarchical (parent/child) order the Stage offers convenient access and is typically used to navigate large scenes.

  1. Contextual Search

  2. Filter

  3. Settings

  4. Entity Name

  5. Entity Type

  6. Visibility

  7. Selected Object


You can quickly navigate your scene by selecting an asset in the stage window and then using the HotKey “F” to focus the viewport on the selected object.


Filters the scene for objects of the selected type(s). If none are selected, shows all entities.


Sets the root of your scene.


Each object can have its visibility toggled on or off from the visibility column. Toggling the visibility of an object also changes the visibility of its descendants. Upon toggling the parent visibility back to on, restores the previous visibility state of the descendants

Entity Name

The name of a given object on the stage. Every entity will have a unique name and may have other entities nested within it.

Entity Type

Entities are categorized into specified types, they type is listed here to help with sorting and managing.